With discipline, you can lead your life

Discipline equals Freedom

I always try to be an extremely disciplined person and this has been a very important goal in my life, I will be honest with you it’s not easy, but if you archive this skill you can reach the starts. I believe that discipline it’s something makes you stand on a rail and I also can see as the path that leads you to your great goal.

One of the great components to have discipline is “organization skills”. Organize life, routine, organize what you like to do and what you don’t like to do. I have always had many roles and activities in life and most of the time I fell overwhelmed, So I start to read how to optimize my time and realize that discipline and determination, Is the key to have great and bounce life.

discipline equals freedomWith the organization, you are the passenger in a great transportation seat. You save time and can provide your focus on the things that are necessary. One of the main facts in modern society is the behavior of people that prefer to postpone an event because they need time to do things calmly. All right, it can work. But what if I complete the tone of my tasks before? It may be that this decision brings problems, costs, and concerns. However, we will only know the balance of doing things with greater speed if we evaluate and calculate the cost/benefit ratio of this hypothesis. And usually, when you anticipate, you achieve the result before and gain much more satisfaction.

I always hated wasting time. It is true that time is money, just as it is true that time is the pleasure, it is satisfaction, it is objectivity. Who loses time loses all this. The best moments of my professional life have always coincided with times when we are traveling at high speed, faster than competitors. Doing it quicker does not cause stress as long as you structure yourself for it, you need to be prepared, using your focus in what matters. It is also important not to confuse high speed with haste.

Have disciple is not easy at all, discipline presupposes priorities, discarding certain things to focus on what is really important. In this process, it is necessary to separate what is the priority of what is urgent. Priorities need to be attacked with your heart. However, you should always try to open your arm and take with you that which is not a priority, everything that has its urgency but does not require so much attention.

Organizing your agenda, you definitively lives better.

Another indispensable thing for discipline is the management of time. Your schedule should be annual, always. I start working on the calendar next year long before the year is over. I set the big events and I’m going to adjust what is appearing, including leisure, travel. Planning time is time-saving. It is much simpler to manage time when it is handled in an organized way, that one of the big lessons that I learned living in the U.S.A.

Another important skill that you need to have is the humility to recognize that you do not put a dozen eggs in a six-place box. That is, it is no use to think that it is possible to fit dozens of appointments on the agenda because time is finite. This will generate stress and loss of focus. In this sense, objectivity is key to dealing well with time.

The last point in relation to the discipline is the act of delegating and create clear communication, it’s important to give power to the people that you are related and “trust” is the key that people need to do what you expect. Discipline involves a series of requirements that if they are well and if you can reach all those mentioned in this post, you will certainly have a lighter life and enjoy the good moments without stress.

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Brazil Carnival

Brazilian Carnival

The Carnival in Brazil is one of the biggest cultural party that happen at begging of every year, it’s so important that we say; “The year just began after carnival” in Brazil.

carnival in rio de janeiro

What is the Carnival celebration about?

I will not explain in details the reason about Carnival, in this post you will find the types of parties in different cities in Brazil, so you can plan your next trip according your plans and social status. One thing that you need to know is that Brazil is one of the biggest catholic countries in the world and the Carnival is related:

The carnival is celebrated 40 days before Easter, since the 11th century. This period is called by the Catholic Church of Lent, which preserves forty days of fasting, with abstinence from flesh.

The Carnival in Brazil – Cities:

Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo: 

In these both cities the carnival are similar in the way that they celebrate the are parades of samba schools and “Blocos” that are a small or large group of people playing popular music of carnival,  we call these music of the name of “marchinhas”.  Rio de Janeiro have a large carnival than São Paulo but in both cities you can have fun. There’s Blocos for all types of people and ages and you can find what fit you better in therms of your age or if you have kids. I’m saying that because there’s blocos in both cities that could be a little hard to bring kids, specially because the number of people having fun in the streets.

Carnival in Salvador – Bahia

carnival salvador bahia

Salvador have a big Carnival and popular like Rio de Janeiro, the difference between 2 cities are: Salvador don’t have the popular parade of “Schools of Samba” and the main celebration is around the “Trio Elétrico” which is car with sound and thousand of people around, singing, drinking and kissing.

Carnival in Recife –  Pernambuco

brazil carnival recife

In Recife, the “O Galo da Madrugada” block that takes to the streets on Saturday of carnival and wanders through the center of the city, has already entered the book of records as the largest block of carnival in the world. According to the website: Carnival Bookers, another spectacular event is The Night of the Silent Drums that takes place at Praça Terco in Recife. The center turns into a mini Africa where the drums beat to the rhythms of the samba, afoxe, maracatus, and reggae, getting more and more intense as midnight approaches. At the stroke of midnight, the drums fall silent in tribute to the town’s ancestors, followed by a prayer offered by the priestess of Umbanda, the Afro-Brazilian religion. This is a great sight to watch as the locals lift up their hands in gratitude to their god.

Carnival in Olinda –  Pernambuco

Brazil Carnival

For most of the year, Olinda is known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its perfectly preserved colonial architecture and as an artistic hub for local artists. However, for a couple of weeks in February it transforms to welcome Brazil’s most traditional Carnival complete with heaving streets, jostling crowds, endless live music and all-day partying.

Brazil carnival pictures

Brazil Carnival Facts

Although the practice of carnivals originated from Europe, African influence is evident in the Brazil carnivals that we see today. Carnival history dictates that this began when Brazil became a colony of Portugal. Due to the African slave trade, the carnivals adapted the tribal practices which included parading around the village which was actually done to ward off all the bad spirits in the area. People began to use costumes and tribal masks during the celebrations. Feathers were also used in many of the African costumes and this symbolized rebirth and the rise of the spirits which are also important components of the modern day Brazilian carnival.

According to Carnival history, back in the 1600s slave trading was practiced in South America. The slaves that came to Brazil brought with them their culture and love for music. As time went by, slaves who originated from Angola and West Africa started to mingle with the locals of Brazil and shared with them their love for Samba. Since then Samba has become an integral part of the Brazilian Carnival.

Brazil Carnival Tips

There’s a lot of ways to have fun in the carnival in Brazil, to be succeed you need to plan your carnival according to your age, if you have kids or not and how much party you want to have, carnival could be a “too much” if you are not prepare to see a lot of people, dance and walk in a hot weather.

Follow this tips for Carnival in Brazil and you will be fine:
  • Sun Block (Always the average temperature is around 90º in February and March)
  • Comfortable shoes, try to not use flip-flop, people will step in your foot all the time
  • Watch your wallet and Cellphone – Unfortunately there’s a lot of people that lost their cellphones in Brazil, and there’s people ready steal your cell phone, be careful.
  • Water all the time
  • If you have kids try to go in the morning or at the end of the day
  • You must dress up for the carnival, this is the spirit, try to not be yourself like you do every-day.

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Parenting Style

 Mommin’ ain’t easy… parenting ain’t easy. The doctor doesn’t hand your child off to you accompanied with ahandbook on the day they are born. Parenting is truly an experience. It’s a constant trial and error experiment, andsomehow it always seems as if once you feel like you’ve got a grasp on things the dynamic changes and your working through a new phase, a new challenge, or a new chapter whether its an exciting one or not so exciting. At any rate, parenting sure has a way of taking your breath away in all ways possible. It is one of the most rewarding experiences yet has its moments of truly bringing you to your knees.


Insert Parenting the Love and Logic way.

Love and Logic parenting tools allow you to foster independence in your child through empathy and setting limits for children of all ages. One of the biggest questions I get from parents interested in Love and Logic is, “is it too late for me to start?” or “Are we too far gone for this to work?” and the answer is NO. It is NEVER too late. Starting later may mean that there will be habits to break and it may take some time, and it may even get worse before it gets better, BUT it is never too late.

Regardless of when you start with parenting the love and logic way you will see a difference in the way in which you look at the things that your children do to make you red in the face. For me, that was the first thing I noticed. I started to look at the misbehaviors as opportunities to model empathy, set and enforce limits, teach responsibility, and build a lasting relationship based on trust and unconditional love.

Loving relationships give consequences their powerLove and Logic parenting is based on the foundation of relationships.

It is important to note that none of this works without relationships. I think that is what I love so much out Love and Logic. Before, I felt that I was either always either being a nag, or the “bad guy,” or a total pushover. I was struggling with the concept of encouraging my children to grow yet discipline them. Love and Logic techniques allow you to discipline your children without losing love along the way. THIS IS SO POWERFUL! And quite frankly, exactly what I needed!

On the other hand, your children may feel confused or even frustrated with your new approach to parenting. They may be confused as to your reactions or also frustrated by the fact that you will not fall into the trap of arguing with them. This all will pass and eventually they will learn your new tactics.

Here are a few steps to get you started on your path to parenting the Love and Logic way:Parenting the Love and Logic WayGo Brain Dead!

Yes, you heard that right! You might be thinking, “What in the world is this all about? How can I make an impact by going brain dead?”  When you go brain dead, you aren’t thinking of words to say back to your child. When you don’t use words, you ridof the opportunity for your children to argue with you.

Neutralize arguing!

As hard as it is, do NOT engage with your child when they are trying to argue with you. You can do this by saying your version of a Love and Logic one-liner. My go to is: “ohhhhhh, this is so sad.” I like to drag that “ohhhhhhhh” out and use a low voice. This works two-fold. It allows me a moment to stay calm and it also signals to my child that you are empathetic to their situation but that a consequence is also to follow.

repeat your one liner with empathy rather than anger or sarcasm

One of the most challenging parts to master when transitioning to parenting the love and logic way is showing empathy. When you are frustrated or even angry with your child, IT IS SO HARD to be empathic when using your one-liner. It is VERY easy to let your empathy be masked by sarcasm. So, be forewarned, this WILL take some practice. Remember, parenting is all about experimentation… you will honestly go through the experiences of good and bad and some days may go smoother than others. Don’t get discouraged. You are not alone.

hands holding family

Are you interested in more?

Kristen Baisden and I will be co-facilitating a series in April in Roseville, California. It is a five-week course on Monday evenings. We would love to see you there. If this does not work you, you can also visit Love and Logic Institute and look up your local Love and Logic Facilitator and class dates.

The Love and Logic approach is practical and fun. I’d love to hear how these first steps work for you. Send me a message or contact me via Instagram and let me know!

Instagram screenshot

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Apple has announced the construction of a $ 1 billion campus in Austin, Texas. It is estimated that 5,000 jobs will be created under the new structure, which could give the company a $ 25 million benefit for job creation.

apple in texas

The novelty is part of Apple’s investment plan, worth an estimated $ 30 billion. The new space is expected to be 280,000 m² and will be about a mile away from another Apple office built five years ago.

Even before the expansion, Austin is already the largest core of the company outside the Silicon Valley, with more than 6,000 employees. The increase in the price of rentals in Silicon Valley is just one of the motivations for technology companies like Apple and Google to invest in offices in other regions of the country. Smaller offices of the iPhone creator will be developed over the next three years in Seattle, San Diego, and Culver City, California. Each of them should employ about one thousand employees

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Read Across America 2019

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Read Across America 2019

Read Across America Day

read across america 2019

Dr. Seuss Day, also known as Read Across America Day, is here! This is a day the NEA (National Education Association) celebrates yearly to call all readers to action on Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

The American poet, Dr. Seuss, has written over 64 books that are sure to be a childhood favorite. These wonderfully creative and captivating books are celebrated on this day.  Another great way to acknowledge Dr. Seuss, and reading, in schools is to create a week of fun dress up days that correlate with the titles and themes of his many books. This will surely get students in schools excited and engaged! I mean, who doesn’t love a dress-up day?  At my school, this week we started with pajama day to channel the theme from The Sleep book. Since, if I’m being honest, I don’t really like PJ day so without a doubt I participated by sporting some cozy adidas sweatpants and represented our new home team, Dixie State Trailblazers. Sweatpants and yogas is where it’s at for me!

Sneetches book, If I ran a Zoo bookgreen eggs and ham bookoh the places you'll go bookthe cat in the hat book

Other fun dress up ideas are crazy sock day for Fox in Socks, wear green for the obvious Green Eggs and Ham, twin day for Thing 1 and Thing 2 characters in The cat in the Hat, and one of my personal favorites is to wear your favorite or dream college’s shirt or jersey for Oh, The Places You’ll Go.

Teachers and staff can get into the theme by also decorating a classroom door with a Dr. Suess title! This year, I decorated mine with a large Hat with birthday candles and the following quote:

you are you quote

I also always LOVE to have guest readers come in during this week to read Dr. Seuss books to my students. It is really fun to tell the students that there is a “Mystery Reader” coming to class to read. You can give them clues throughout the day as to who it is to build up the suspense. Such a fun, engaging, and memorable event to celebrate with your students of ALL ages.

We all know how much teachers love a graphic t-shirt. Furthermore, Read Across America Day, or week, is a great excuse to opt out of your typical work day clothing and instead wear a comfy t-shirt and jeans to spread the  love of reading message. I mean, this is right up my ally! I highly suggest a quick browse through Amazon’s collection of Dr. Seuss and Read Across America themed t-shirts to help honor the cause.

Most educators and especially early readers are fascinated with Dr. Seuss because of his magical way of telling stories and making the gift of reading nothing but blissful. His play with words is a fun way to teach life long lessons for all ages. Creativity, fun, a wild imagination, inspiration, and pure joy captures the hearts of anyone who reads his stories. People of all ages, shapes, and sizes should join in on the fun of Read Across America.  If it’s been a while since you’ve read one of Dr. Seuss’s stories, I highly suggest you take a gander through one over the next couple days. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face! Promise!

NEA’s Read Across America Video

Visit Marissa Almond’s Instagram for more fun on teaching, parenting and Love and Logic.

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