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Organic Brain is a multi-media platform and entertainment website, powered by Mauricio Sordille, Marianna Ayers Sordille and Marissa Almond. Organic Brain is a go-to source for digital marketing content, technology, human behavior, occupational therapy and education.


Learn By Loves

Marissa Almond

Born and raised in Northern California moving to Southern Utah in June, Marissa is a football Wife, Mother of two, Elementary School Teacher, and lover of all things chocolate.

Occupational Therapy

Marianna AyersCurrently working at her first level II fieldwork site providing inpatient OT services, Marianna is a doctor of OT student with interests in a number of settings. She has approximately one year left of schooling which includes another 3 month of fieldwork experience, 8 weeks of didactic work, and a capstone research project which will be focused on theory development.

mauricio sordilleExtensive experience in SEO, SEM and Web Analytics. Living in California, raise and born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Actually I’m working as a SEO Consultant helping local business and websites to reach more users and conversions. I’m able to build the overall SEO, SEM, Organic, Paid, and Social strategy, identify opportunities that impact any type of business. During my free time I like to take care of my family, play soccer, video game and build content for another website that I have, Pet Caramelo.