facts of brazil and USA

Facts about Brazil and USA

I’m living in United States for almost 3 years and I decided to wrote about the differences between Brazil and USA. This is my personal statement from a guy that grew up in São Paulo, big city during 30 years and now is living for 3 years in San Francisco Bay Area.

facts about Brazil and USA

Brazil Facts

1 – The Americans are much friendlier than the “Paulistano”, (Paulistano is the person that born in São Paulo), most of my friends told me that this american friendly way just happens in California, I have my doubts. Here they compliment my T-shirt, tennis, pull conversation in the supermarket. The other day I was buying cereal and a guy asked me which brand I bought because he wanted to be skinny like me. Lol

2 – No one walks in the USA. Just me. I love to walk, and here in the USA everything is designed for you to have a car, even though the sidewalks are much better than those in Brazil and maybe is because nobody uses them. When I’m walking I realize that people look at me probably think that something is wrong. “Why is this guy walking?”

3 – Bureaucracy is here! For everything you need to fill out a form, assign papers, finger prints and so on , I’m still adapting, in Brazil we have much more verbal agreements which usually do not work.

4 – Parks are wonderful and the incentive to the sport are visible in USA. It is beautiful to see the amount of blocks and parks scattered around the cities, the parks have maintenance and it seems that everything is brand new, but it is not. The population takes care of and the money destined for this is used FOR IT, much different than in Brazil that usually the money goes into the pocket of some politician.

5 – There is a big community idea here, people take care of the sidewalk, the street, the school district. I once saw a woman tending a flowerbed in the middle of the avenue, she was planting a flower and it was not part of her yard, but her neighborhood.

6 – Here they classify people by color and descent something we do not use in Brazil. If someone is telling a story the person says: There was a guy driving, he was African American, or Asian … In Brazil, it’s better because you do not quote skin color or descent, we don’t need to label races, it’s not necessary.

7 – Soccer is booming here in USA, but the Americans have a lot to learn. The problem with American soccer is that they are not aggressive, they do not play ball with such desire, they respect the opponent too much. For example if you give a dribble in the face of a person, he will not pull his shirt to stop you from making the goal, instead of trying to make a foul or steal the ball he could claps for your play. Are you kidding me?

8 – The courses and Schools are much strong than in Brazil. I did a 3 month digital marketing course and it was without doubt one of the strongest courses I have ever done. 3 months with deadline, homework and homework, and a lot of homework. I tried hard and got a 8. It was worth it.

Paulista Avenue – São Paulo Post Card

9 – Here it does not exist, “Vamo Ve” Which means, let’s see. There is no “vamo” here, or, let’s combine that beer on the weekend that no one ever schedule. If here you say let’s have a coffee any day, the person will schedule the day and time in front of you on the phone and is better you be there.

10 – I use a lot of public transportation here in San Francisco, and the BART our São Paulo is cleaner than the subway from here in California. In comparison of the bus, in San Francisco works much better because the drivers are well trained to serve their passengers and especially there is a huge respect for the elderly, something that unfortunately in Brazil does not happen.

11 – The food here has a lot of sugar and I had to cut the sacred chocolate of the day I was gaining weight, this is terrible for the american population.

12 – The Patriotism of Americans and how proud they are of their flag it’s beautiful to see, in Brazil we have this spirit only in sports, usually at the World Cup.

The beautiful American Flag is everywhere and I love it!

13 – The American does not usually eat his meals with a knife. Usually they only use the fork and I think this trend exists because they do not eat rice and beans every day. We in Brazil, we need the knife to not push the rice with the toe. LOL

14 – Bring food to work is not a poor thing. Here in the U.S. people who bring food to work are praised as they are saving money. In a company that I worked even the CEO of the place I brought food from home. In Brazil people does that too but they are classified like poor and we make fun of it.

15 – Social Networks in Brazil are much larger. I realized that the Brazilian likes social networks more than the American. I have the impression that in Brazil most of the population is on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Here, it seems to me that social networks are more scattered and the American uses SMS much more. WhatsApp is not as popular here as it is in Brazil.

16 – Brushing teeth after lunch here in the U.S. is not common. The other day I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and entered a guy who was watching my oral hygiene, when I finished he told me … “That’s cool dude, I need to start doing the same, I think I’ll bring my brush teeth tomorrow “. I was somewhat perplexed by what he was saying, I laughed and agreed.

dolores park in San Francisco
Dolores Park in SF

17 – Renting a home or a room to live in California is more difficult than getting a job. When I moved to the USA it was not easy. Usually the person who is renting an interview with you and asks you for a series of documents, including banking history. In Brazil this process is a little bit easier and the reason why is because you have much more apartments, houses and choices.

18 – Unfortunately it is clear that people here in USA have more access to the world of drugs that usually kill people’s lives, when I compare at top of my head about the number of people who live here in Bay Area, 4 Millions against 13 million SP, unfortunately it is sad to see so many dependents. I’ve seen totally drugged teenagers riding a bus at 2 pm and applying needle on his arm on the train platform.

19 – World Cup in USA here is really calm. The United States was not participating of the last edition 2018, but it was still very monotonous. In the next World Cup, if you have the chance do go to Brazil you should do it.

20 – The holiday invitations here is a serious thing. Christmas cards, birthdays are all very beautiful and it’s a big business for stationers and supermarkets. In the place I work the same thing happens, if an employee goes to another company he gets a thank you card, if someone in the family dies or if that person has become a parent or parent he will also win a card as a compliment. In Brazil we don’t have this behavior, which is sad.

21 – Flexibility and Work From Home is really good. No one will judge you if you decide to work from home. In Brazil the culture to work from home is really far to be true.

22 – There is an interesting cultural difference between saying “NO”. We Brazilians have two NO, meanings. “I can not do this, I can not attend this commitment.” Usually the Brazilians circle around and say, “I’ll try to go,” “I’m going to make an effort to make” and when a Brazilian says that to you this person probably will not appear show up. When I make an invitation to a party that is going to happen here in USA, I invite some people from Brazil through Facebook, in the invitation they reply saying that they will attend the event, then, I get the message and automatically and reach the person, “Are you really coming?” and the answer is: I’m sorry I can’t make but I wish be there with you. The Brazilians will never say something that can hurt the other person, even if we do not like it.

23 – The TV here in USA does not dictate American schedules. I realized that we grew up according to the TV schedule, specifically Rede Globo, the largest TV channel in Brazil, dinner during or after the “Jornal Nacional”, soccer on Wednesdays at night. Here the television audience is more divided and I did not realize that people are guided by the television screen. This is a detail of interesting behavior that I could only perceive living here in USA.

24 – The world is a gambler in USA. When the sports season starts in September with American football and ends only in April of the following year with Basketball. Americans bet enough on results, points, or the player who is going to make certain baskets or touchdowns. There are several gambling games, apps and even TV shows. Much more than in Brazil.

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