discipline equals freedom

With discipline, you can lead your life

Discipline equals Freedom

I always try to be an extremely disciplined person and this has been a very important goal in my life, I will be honest with you it’s not easy, but if you archive this skill you can reach the starts. I believe that discipline it’s something makes you stand on a rail and I also can see as the path that leads you to your great goal.

One of the great components to have discipline is “organization skills”. Organize life, routine, organize what you like to do and what you don’t like to do. I have always had many roles and activities in life and most of the time I fell overwhelmed, So I start to read how to optimize my time and realize that discipline and determination, Is the key to have great and bounce life.

discipline equals freedomWith the organization, you are the passenger in a great transportation seat. You save time and can provide your focus on the things that are necessary. One of the main facts in modern society is the behavior of people that prefer to postpone an event because they need time to do things calmly. All right, it can work. But what if I complete the tone of my tasks before? It may be that this decision brings problems, costs, and concerns. However, we will only know the balance of doing things with greater speed if we evaluate and calculate the cost/benefit ratio of this hypothesis. And usually, when you anticipate, you achieve the result before and gain much more satisfaction.

I always hated wasting time. It is true that time is money, just as it is true that time is the pleasure, it is satisfaction, it is objectivity. Who loses time loses all this. The best moments of my professional life have always coincided with times when we are traveling at high speed, faster than competitors. Doing it quicker does not cause stress as long as you structure yourself for it, you need to be prepared, using your focus in what matters. It is also important not to confuse high speed with haste.

Have disciple is not easy at all, discipline presupposes priorities, discarding certain things to focus on what is really important. In this process, it is necessary to separate what is the priority of what is urgent. Priorities need to be attacked with your heart. However, you should always try to open your arm and take with you that which is not a priority, everything that has its urgency but does not require so much attention.

Organizing your agenda, you definitively lives better.

Another indispensable thing for discipline is the management of time. Your schedule should be annual, always. I start working on the calendar next year long before the year is over. I set the big events and I’m going to adjust what is appearing, including leisure, travel. Planning time is time-saving. It is much simpler to manage time when it is handled in an organized way, that one of the big lessons that I learned living in the U.S.A.

Another important skill that you need to have is the humility to recognize that you do not put a dozen eggs in a six-place box. That is, it is no use to think that it is possible to fit dozens of appointments on the agenda because time is finite. This will generate stress and loss of focus. In this sense, objectivity is key to dealing well with time.

The last point in relation to the discipline is the act of delegating and create clear communication, it’s important to give power to the people that you are related and “trust” is the key that people need to do what you expect. Discipline involves a series of requirements that if they are well and if you can reach all those mentioned in this post, you will certainly have a lighter life and enjoy the good moments without stress.

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