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Creativity for kids

Let’s try to discover and encourage the creative of our kids, not by forcing them to fit into what we want for them. Instead it is best to adapt the environment to what they want, offering the resources that are possible to make them more and more creative.

Creativity Process

Creativity is an inherent quality of the human being, although in some it is more developed, and in others less, but we are all born with the ability to
create, invent, modify the environment and create things, all as a resource that allows us both to preserve our lives, and to make them as easy as possible during our journey in this world.

It is well known that this characteristic can be stimulated in the children from very early on, by the parents, by the family and also by the school. Well, even though many get in many ways to stimulate their children, the most common is that most neglect this and collaborate, even unintentionally, to have atrophied the ability of these children to produce and modify the environment and things .

Being creative is not just about being able to create something or invent things. A person can be creative in the domain of other actions, such as getting out of difficult situations, having good oratory, being persuasive, daring and fearless, in the end, have developed the best tools to evolve.

Let us try not to prune the creative sense of our children with discouraging words and deeds.

“Alike” Short Film

This beautiful short film shows how we take the creativity of children and make us think. It is an animation production co-directed by Rafa Cano Méndez and directed by Daniel Martínez Lara, who won the Goya Award for Best Short Film Animation. Take a look, every minute is worth it.

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